Chile, November 3-5, 2021 - together with our business partner Saalasti, Metkraft participated at the Expocorma International Fair of the Forest, Pulp and Paper Industry in Chile. The show organized by the Chilean Wood Corporation, taken place in the Forestry Capital of Chile in the province of Concepción.

The Fair converged over 200 local and international companies who came to introduce the technology and integral solutions for the forestry industry. With the aim of building brand awareness and credibility for Metkraft industrial blades to Chile market, Metkraft was present a wide range of products from pulp chippers, brush chippers, steel slitters, corrugated knives, converting, plastic to recycling knives. 

The 3-days event ended with lots of visitors coming to our booth, out of whom many have expressed their great interest in studying and experimenting with Metkraft’s blades. It was definitely a positive signal to ensure that Metkraft will continue investing in Chile as a whole.

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