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With over 100 years of industry expertise, Metkraft remains the trusted name in manufacturing industrial knives and blades. [Learn more about our history]

Experience and Innovation

Metkraft has a rich history spanning more than a century, and we have also spent over 20 years manufacturing in Vietnam, ensuring high-quality production and a deep understanding of global markets. As part of the Fisher Barton group, which boasts over 40 registered patents and a cutting-edge technology center, Metkraft embodies excellence in every aspect of its operations.

Precision-engineered Cutting Solutions

Drawing from our extensive experience and the robust foundation provided by our parent company, the Fisher Barton group, Metkraft crafts high-quality and cost-effective cutting solutions that meet OEM specifications and complex cutting demands. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians possess in-depth knowledge of materials and cutting applications, ensuring our industrial knives meet the specific requirements of each industry and machine.


Metkraft leverages advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining technology to produce intricate parts with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. Our CNC machining processes combine computer programming with automated machinery to cut, shape, and form materials into desired shapes and sizes. This technology offers a wide range of advantages, including the ability to work with various materials, produce complex geometries, achieve tight tolerances, and ensure consistent quality in the production of components for different industries.


Precision laser cutting is an attractive micromachining technique for most materials. This is used for intricate and highly specialized cutting processes that are demanded in certain applications.


Metkraft excels in the art of milling, a fundamental machining process that involves the use of rotating cutting tools to shape and form materials into intricate components. Our milling capabilities extend to both small-scale and large-scale components, allowing us to produce parts with close tolerances and complex geometries. 

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